Climate change and wine quality

Sometimes I hear around that higher alcohol level means a high quality wine. I really don’t know where, who and when this came from. So far, after some experience tasting wines I have never seen any correlation between quality and alcohol level. So let’s try to discuss it. Before trying to understand the consequences ofContinue reading “Climate change and wine quality”

The real influence of a digital wine influencer.

The term influencer has never been so trending as it is today. Simply browsing unintentionally on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram you will be bombarded by suggested content from what analytic data processing engines have defined as your interest from your web behavior. Over the past few years, no more than five orContinue reading “The real influence of a digital wine influencer.”

Protect the artisans, said Angelo Gaja.

“An artisan does what he does for passion and not to please the market” Angelo Gaja On July 15 2019 my classmates and I were received by Angelo Gaja at the Cantina Gaja Barbaresco headquarters, the Castello Palazzo dei Galleani built in 1695 by Giovanni Galleani. He greeted us all with a brief and firmContinue reading “Protect the artisans, said Angelo Gaja.”

Production of fine wines in the Brazilian semi-arid region

Brazil produces wine since the beginning of its colonization. But was the arrival of the first Italian immigrants in 1875 that brought importance to the activity. Currently the production of fine wines in Brazil reaches 10,000 hectares of Vitis vinifera grapes, divided mainly among six regions: Serra Gaúcha, Campanha, Serra do Sudeste and Campos deContinue reading “Production of fine wines in the Brazilian semi-arid region”

Centopassi, wines a hundred steps from Mafia.

I cento passi (The hundred steps) is an Italian film released in 2000, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana about the life of Peppino Impastato, a political activist who opposed the Mafia in Sicily. The story takes place in the small town of Cinisi in the province of Palermo, the home town of the Impastato family. One hundred stepsContinue reading “Centopassi, wines a hundred steps from Mafia.”

What is a Wine Teller position?

Have you seen the professions related to the wine world? Well, I believe there is no doubt about the most common ones like those related to the production of grape and wine such as wine grower and winemaker. But what is a Brand Ambassador in the wine business? I’m sure many know how to defineContinue reading “What is a Wine Teller position?”

The standardization of taste – Part 2

Do you think taste is something shaped by experience? Maybe by market? Habits? Family? Tradition? Well, I think taste is shaped by all that together. So, let’s talk a little bit about what is consider a good wine. I’m really intrigued. I am currently finishing a master’s degree in Wine Culture in Piedmont at theContinue reading “The standardization of taste – Part 2”