A Wine Teller by Andre Silva

Coronavirus crisis – the Italian wine market initiatives to fight it.

Original in Italian published on March 28, 2020 by the blog Avvinando.

We have told you about many of the initiatives through which the world of wine is trying to react to the emergency dictated by the Coronavirus that is hitting our country and all sectors severely. Following the previous article, you have reported many. As promised, and we will try to continue to do so in the coming weeks, we have collected some promoted by different protagonists or by the same operators who are creating new projects or making them evolve.

Let’s start with the latter case. Cantina Social moves on to phase 2 of the #iorestoincantina campaign. Wineries that have joined the initiative now offer a wide selection of representative wines at a lower price than the cellar price and taking on the shipping costs allocating at least 10% of the sale to charity to a hospital in their region or directly to the Civil Protection.

Furthermore, Milan Wine Week opens a fundraiser aiming to help two hospitals in the province of Bergamo, the front line in managing the battle against Covid-19, the San Pietro Policlinico at Ponte San Pietro and the San Marco Policlinico in Zingonia.

The group Casa Paladin launches the #iobevoacasapaladin campaign. For each six bottles purchase from the cellars owned by the company 15 euros will be donated to the Sacco Hospital in Milan to continue the great work of saving many lives.

La Raia and Tenuta Cucco eliminate shipping costs and donate 40% of every order received online to the Red Cross of Novi Ligure.

Not only that, wineries and wine experiences platforms are developing services and products to continue tastings remotely.

Divinea platform launches Smart Tasting, a new tasting format to allow users to continue tasting through a video conference with producers as during a traditional winery visit.

The FISAR Milano Delegation offers remote training and tasting activities through the hashtag #iodegustoacasa. ONAV tasters launch their tastings online through the #ilvinociunisce campaign. AIS sommeliers offer educational appointments on the net with the cry of #ladistanzanoncidivide.

In short, many initiatives on various levels. We’ll keep reporting them doing our best to give them visibility.

We keep our spirits high and with a good bottle of wine everything will be fine!

Sergio and Raffaele

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