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Divinea celebrates its 1st year!


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Today we celebrate the 1st anniversary of Divinea, an innovative Italian startup that set out to digitally transform the Italian wine tourism market. Divinea was founded in Milan by Filippo Galanti and Matteo Ranghetti in May 2019 and in 1 year has grown a lot assuming a leading position in the digital transformation of the Italian wine tourism market.

Divinea brought an innovative approach to the Italian wine market by understanding, creating and transforming the missing links between the wine’s production chain and consumer wine market. It has opened up an extremely traditional market, rooted in secular traditions, making it possible to combine tradition and innovation, raising the Italian wine market to international service standards.

In September 2019 our destinies crossed and I became a partner of Divinea taking the CTO position combining my 20 years of experience as a Solution Architect and Software Engineer with my passion and academic background in the world of wine. I can say categorically that I also grew up a lot professionally with Divinea. I learned the dynamism of the startup culture at the same time that I had to overcome personal management challenges without any doubt that many others and much learning are still ahead.

When we were getting ready for another Vinitaly an unprecedented crisis in Italy was arising and soon after in the whole world. All Italian wine tourism closed. I personally feel great pride and flattery to collaborate with courageous and open to new people like Filippo Galanti and Matteo Ranghetti, founders and respectively Business Development and CEO of Divinea. We faced the crisis. After ensuring that our team was safe, we made every effort to create a new service that could keep the channel between wine lovers and Italian wineries alive and open.

But how could it be possible in a lockdown moment to visit a winery with tasting!? That was the fundamental question to solve. Smart Tasting was created within this context, a virtual guided tour and tasting experience in a winery. When you purchase Smart Tasting, you receive the wines at your place being transported digitally into the winery able to carry out the visit and guided tasting through a video conference. I have to say that for many Smart Tasting kept the hope for better days.

I have here a mixed feeling of gratitude and pride for this 1st year of Divinea and I already say that in this next year of Divinea’s life we’ll create much more.

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