A Wine Teller by Andre Silva

Italian wine market during coronavirus crisis

While events and wine fairs are postponed or even canceled, the entire Italian economy suffers the effects of quarantine. In fact, I believe that most countries in the world are now experiencing an economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

General sales drops are accentuated by families austere practices of consume, but it is still boosted on online sales, especially with online traders such as Tannico and Callmewine. Now, looking closely at the Italian wine tourism market, the impact is really huge. The reason is simply people are no longer visiting wineries. As result, the traditional gastronomic experiences and industry are collapsing.

Due to the crisis, the entire industry and its supply chain, such as hotels, restaurants, transports, tour guides, follow the same path. Thus, local arrangements that support this industry are facing a big challenge and need to reinvent themselves. While two months ago the next step was seeking a circular economy to promote sustainable and integrated development for local businesses, now is necessary to go further. It is necessary to seek solutions where services can be provided digitally.

But how can we transform wine tasting into digital experiences showing how wines are made and transmitting it’s terroir? Well, it’s a big question. But we can start dividing it into parts and start somewhere.

That’s exactly what the Italian startup Divinea did. Based in Milan, thinking about lower the impact of quarantine for winelovers, wineries and their employees, Divinea created a new service called Smart Tasting. With Smart Tasting, customers can purchase an online wine experience on Divinea website or on partner wineries website.

The Smart Tasting package includes a set of wines to be delivered at your place and a scheduled guided tasting session with wineries specialists.You’ll be able to learn about the winery history, how wines – including the ones you are tasting – are made, characteristics of the terroir and anything you are willing to ask. The events are often presented by winemakers and owners.

Here we see Giulio Morando, owner of La Morandina conducting a Smart Tasting with Federico Gotz, one of the three brilliant and talented minds behind The Wine Buzz.

We hope new ideas like this from Divinea Spread globally, giving both customers and industry a chance to survive this crisis.

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