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Labor relations after the coronavirus crisis

A few days ago I watched a Carlo Petrini’s message talking about the current coronavirus crisis and its impact on students, staff and collaborators’ life at Pollenzo’s University of Gastronomic Sciences, the home of SlowFood. I really liked Carlo Petrini’s message. Especially the passage that says that we must try to turn difficulty into virtue.

In many professions, like mine, home office or remote work (terminology I prefer) it has been a reality for at least a decade. Suddenly, people who do not work on essential services were forced to face technology and perform their activities remotely. For those who are not used to this can be a great challenge. Especially during the current coronavirus crisis where you will necessarily work from home.

But this post is not intended to give you tips on how to focus while your kids play video games or to trick your wife/husband who wants to talk while you need to focus. What I want to share here is my hope that working relationships will change after this crisis created by coronavirus and people realizes that for many careers it no longer makes sense to focus on people’s working hours.

Imagine the resource savings in a company that no longer needs to have workstations for everyone. The reduction in spending on water, electricity, rent, coffee, etc. Imagine your personal savings with clothes and accessories, transportation, food etc. It will be a revolution in people’s lives.

It is necessary to focus on results.

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