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The digital revolution in post-COVID times

In times of crisis it is necessary to move. There is no point in denying the facts, because reality imposes itself. It is also useless to criticize the government for imposing a limitation on the population. Being there at the head of a country, state or region making decisions is also not simple. It is necessary to move. It is necessary to update, to be up-to-date with the technologies already consolidated in the rest of the world.

In these two years that I live in Italy I realized that the ode to the traditional has made people believe that they do not need or should not evolve and adapt to digital and new generations. Even after more than a decade of a digital revolution that came at the gallop of social networks, most Italian companies remained stagnant in the early 2000s. As absurd as this may seem, most small and medium-sized Italian companies are starting now exclusively after the crisis imposed by anti-COVID measures to venture through digital channels of interaction and sales.

I say this because I work directly with wineries in Italy and some of them do not promote their product or service on any digital channel. Some of them don’t even have an Instagram account. In addition, I live in Alba, a medium-sized city in Piedmont, northern Italy, where restaurants and small businesses are still stuck in the Facebook era and just don’t interact with their prospects and customers digitally. Selling through digital channels is a lot of sophistication.

What happens is that this digital lack in COVID times is looming. So I reiterate that it is necessary to move. Stop just complaining that a lockdown is unfair considering only the economic side and try to explore other channels of interaction with your customer. You don’t have to be a big company to have a CRM solution that allows you to know more about your customer.

Segmenting and knowing your customer will allow you to promote your service or product in a more targeted way, obtaining a better conversion rate and a better return on the amount invested in marketing.

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