A Wine Teller by Andre Silva

Trading wine and spirits assets in the stock market.

If you are passionate about wine and also the capital market like I am, know that it is possible to build an investment portfolio aimed at investing in stocks and funds in the wine and spirits market. Several companies in the industry trade their shares on stock exchanges around the world with special attention to the North American and European market.

After a long time out of the stock market I decided to go back. The move from Brazil to Italy was especially cruel to my financial reserves, since the Brazilian currency has devalued around 40% over the past 18 months with no sign of reversal in the medium term. From that I decided to start a new investment portfolio and dedicate a little more of my time to it. To make my life easier I chose the eToro platform. I won’t spend a lot of time explaining why I chose eToro. Simply put, it is the platform that gives me access to the largest number of markets with an acceptable cost and certain security in the case of a lack of liquidity by the broker.

As I work in the wine market and I am CTO and partner in a company whose mission is to digitally transform the Italian wine tourism market, Divinea, I decided to mine and study the shares of companies in the Wine and Spirits industry among the markets available in the eToro portfolio. Right away I found giants like Diageo and Constellation Brands. For those unfamiliar, Diageo is the owner of brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Baileys, Smirnoff, among many others. Constellation Brands is behind the Italian winery Ruffino that produces Prosecco, the Corona brewery, the Meiomi winery, the legendary Robert Mondavi and many others.

From this I am creating a portfolio with the shares below:

  • Diageo – DGE.L
  • Constellation Brands – STZ
  • LVMH – MC.PA
  • Pernod-Ricard SA – RI.PA

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