A Wine Teller by Andre Silva

What is a Wine Teller position?

Have you seen the professions related to the wine world? Well, I believe there is no doubt about the most common ones like those related to the production of grape and wine such as wine grower and winemaker. But what is a Brand Ambassador in the wine business? I’m sure many know how to define the role of a Brand Ambassador. Now, what does a Wine Teller do? Have you seen this position somewhere like LinkedIn for example?

If you do a quick search on LinkedIn using “wine teller” and select the criteria box “People” you will see a list of people that works as a Wine Teller position in wineries, distributors, importers, wine stores, hospitality business and also blogs, specialized magazines and editors. But what they do in fact?

If I taste wines and I write about my personal experiences tasting them in a blog or a micro blog like Instagram can I nominate myself as a Wine Teller? For me the answer is yes but you can also self nominate as a Wine Influencer (topic for new post). But I would like to discuss what a Wine Teller does inside a business, a company. What is the role itself? What do I need to study to apply for a Wine Teller position?

Well, I am finishing up a master’s degree in Wine Culture, Communication and Management at University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo and at the end of this course is expected of me to have the skills needed to be a Wine Teller. I have classes and activities related to marketing, business and management, oenology, viticulture, law and legislation, wine production, wine business, wine tasting etc.

After a while a Wine Teller in my humble opinion is someone that can increase the value of a brand by understanding the market and managing how to explore the relation between the products/services and the reason why people consume them. So a Wine Teller is one important link between the brand and the consumers digitally on social media or in person interacting with people on site.

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